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Undeliverable Package

There are several reasons that our carriers deem a package undeliverable.


Incorrect Address

If the address is incorrect or outdated, the shipment(s) will return to us. Do remember, to write a complete and full address in the shipping bill form.


Restriction Areas

If the package(s) is being made to a restriction area such as military base or prison, there may be delivery restrictions associated with the items or package, the package(s) will return to us if delivery fails.


Reject by Recipient

If recipient refuses to accept package, the package(s) will return to us. Do remember to notify recipient (if it is a gift/surprise/etc) after you have made the order.


Damaged & Missing Item(s)

If upon receiving your order, there are any damage(s) to the package(s) or missing item(s) from your order. Do make a report by contact Customer Support at +6012 - 350 9396 or send email to us. But please keep all items, boxes, and packing material shipped exactly as you received it for inspection. Our customer support will advise you the next step.

If you have missing items spanning multiple boxes, please check the tracking status to confirm that all packages have been delivered with tracking number before you proceed filing a report with us.


Shipping Restrictions

For items shipped internationally, any warranty issue(s) and manufacturer restrictions may not be applicable, as items may not be designed for destination country standards, specifications and labeling requirements, though you will be notified if we’re unable to ship specific items to the address you’ve selected.

Different countries have different list(s) of prohibited and restricted goods, please check you’re your check and observe your local ‘custom’ clearance lists. Customers are solely responsible for checking to see if the item can be imported prior to the purchase transaction.


Item Availability

We take every measure to ensure that the products we offer are in stock. However unforeseen circumstances may happen, in the event of ‘Out-of-Stock’, we will notify you via phone call or email and our customer support will advise you the next step.


Delivery Service Delay

In rare cases, there are unexpected service delay such as severe weather, natural disasters, transport accident, unscheduled events and etc.


Customer Care

   9.30 am - 5.30 pm

   +6012 - 350 9396

    No. 56, Jalan Sutera Merah 3,

      Taman Sutera, 81200 Johor Bahru.

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